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Heavy Duty Toppings

General Purpose Systems

These toppings withstand impact and abrasion in areas subject to heavy traffic or high load conditions. Harsh chemical Exposures and wet process conditions are not routinely encountered.

  • Troweled Systems
  • Architectural Decorative Systems
  • Electro-Conductive and Static Dissipative Systems
Resin-Rich Systems

Resin-Rich systems contain a much higher ratio of resin to aggregate than troweled systems, allowing them to endure harsh chemical environments and extreme operating conditions

  • Steel Wheel Traffic
  • Caustic Washdowns
  • Harsh Chemical Attack
Urethane Concrete Systems

Cementitious polyurethane withstands the wear of thermal shock from caustic and hot water washdowns, as well as maintenance routines typically found in food and beverage industries.

  • Monolithic, non-porous composition resists bacterial growth and corrosion
  • Slip and abrasion resistant, critical for floors with high traffic or standing water